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Guitar Tunings: A Comprehensive Guide

Released: June 23, 2006

A comprehensive approach for all guitarists to enhance their playing skills and creative music making.



For many beginning-to-intermediate level guitarists, guitar tunings are a mystery. Everyone begins with "standard" tuning and knows its basic strengths - and limitations. But, once a guitarist gets beyond basic skills, the desire to play in different styles and achieve individual sounds leads inevitably to exploring alternate tunings.

Guitar Tunings: A Comprehensive Guide is the first book to offer practical advice for how to use the most common special tunings for the greatest creative and musical effect. Illustrated throughout with examples in standard notation and guitar tablature, the author introduces different musical styles through the use of appropriate tunings. Including an audio CD, this book gives clear and concise instruction for the guitarist who has mastered basic skills but wants to go beyond them. It will appeal to guitar students of all ages, and can be used for individual self-instruction or in one-on-one or group teaching situations.