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Released: June 1, 2008

Play the 5-string banjo in virtually every musical situation now!



Beginning with fundamentals like choosing the best instrument and tuning, this comprehensive book covers basic to advanced techniques in a variety of styles, from classical and bluegrass to reggae and bossa nova. Banjo virtuoso and educator Dick Weissman leads musicians through every topic with easy-to-understand lessons and a CD that demonstrates each example and tune. Every player, from beginner through intermediate and up to professional, will enjoy exploring styles and expanding their repertoire with Banjo A to Z. All music is presented in standard notation and TAB.

Special features: Techniques include the Seeger strum, hammer-ons, pull-offs, clawhammer strums, double thumbing, two- and three-finger picking, forward and backward rolls, bending, rasguado, and tremolo.

* Styles include traditional, bluegrass, blues, Dixieland, ragtime, waltz, Irish, flamenco, calypso, reggae, South American, Middle Eastern, minstrel, and classical.

* Learn effective ways to tune, use the capo, play melodically, and understand basic music theory.