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Dick Weissman was a member of the legendary folk trio the Journeymen, with Scott McKenzie and John Phillips. He has written 13 books on music and the music industry. Books can be purchased directly through the publisher, or on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

A New History of American and Canadian Folk Music

A provocative discussion of the history, evolution and current status of folk music in the United States and Canada. It examines the many controversies and musical evolutions of the music, including a detailed scission of the quest for authenticity, which has lewd to endless explorations of what is or is not faithful to the original concept of traditional music.

”As a musician, songwriter and recording artist, Dick is uniquely placed to reflect on North American folk music as practice, cultural movement, and commercial industry.  His New History is at once informed and idiosyncratic, scholarly and personal.  It is sure to become a major source for future historians and lay readers alike.” __Will Kaufman, author and a professor of American literature & culture, University of Central Lancashire, UK.


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