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No Ceiling

“The latest album from Dick Weissman, No Ceiling dances between, folk, country, blues, and world music. There are extended collaborations with woodwind maestro Mitch Imori and multi-instrumentalist Chico Schwall, and the singers on the Songs Ep including Mollie O’Brien, Allen Jones and Harry Tuft.”

“In retrospect, the instrumentals on this project are my attempt to escape the contemporary world of ugliness that surrounds the American political scene… to bypass these struggles and create an environment that brings a bit of joy and humor to our troubled times”

Dick Weissman

Disc 1: Songs / Disc 2: Instrumentals

A unique 2-disc project from veteran musical icon and author, Dick Weissman. Disc 1 features 4 original songs showcasing vocalists Molly O’Brien, Harry Tuft, Dick Weissman and Allen Jones.Track 5 is spoken commentary about the instrumentals. Disc 2 contains 17 original instrumental selections.

“Weissman’s repertoire of instrumentals are melodic in invention and nearly unlimted in scope and his provocative liner notes are nearly as entertaining as the songs.”

Brian Cutean, Northeast Examiner, Portland, Oregon.

“Weissman is truly a five string master.”

Dirty Linen

“Like and indie movie in the best possible sense…”

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