Night Sky

near and far

Four Directions



New Traditions


Released: November 8, 2005

1. Wind Across the River
2. Soggy Mountain Breakdown
3. Quadrille Variations
4. McFrenzie's Rant
5. Sea of Tranquility
6. Wackademia
7. Cherokee Gentleman
8. Flamingo Flamenco
9. The Last of the Incas
10. Zebra Nova
11. Cape Cod Revisited
12. Esta's Dance
13. Mildred Bruner
14. Mill Valley Serenade
15. Otis & The Banjo Blaster



"At once immediately recognizable and familiar, but entirely new and unique. It's also an open, accessible record, even though it's a very personal document."
- Tom Peterson, Victory Review

"Solo features Dick Weissman's fascinating approach to banjo and guitar."
- TD Sing Out

"Amazing lyrical and percussive banjo from blues to quadrille and dance moods. His guitar work can have the quiet beauty of say, Richard Ruskin on 'Sea of Tranquility' . . . Fun collection of solo work and long overdue by this superb musician."
- Chris Lunn, Festivals Review

"Dick's comments on the tunes are informative and often amusing, and add considerably to my enjoyment of the music."
- Jack Bohl, Concert Chair, Portland Folk Music Society



Solo is a musical voyage for the listener, traveling from Appalachia to Peru, with stops in Spain, Brazil and the world of the listener's imagination. The musical styles explored vary from bluegrass banjo, a blues for electric banjo, a piece satirizing the academic world, and guitar pieces that vary from melodic to a piece for 12 string guitar that explores new instrumental techniques and an innovative tuning.