Night Sky

near and far

Four Directions



New Traditions


Released: June 9, 1998

1. Russell's Dream
2. Where I Come From
3. Reflections I: Reflections
4. Reflections II: Art's Tunes
5. Reflections III: Such a Long Time to Be Gone
6. Leadbelly bin Belgium
7. Free Fourths
8. Bossa Banjo
9. Dust in My Dreams
10. Arabian Nights
11. Resting Place I: Respite
12. Resting Place II: Out in the World
13. Resting Place III: Resting Place
14. Cordless
15. Reflections, Take Two



"Dick Weissman is a five string master."
- Ed Silverman, Dirty Linen



Reflections is an album that features the banjo in a number of duets with the superb Bob Rebholz on saxophone-flute. The title suite is a tribute to two friends who died on TWA flight 800, with a tribute song performed by Mary Flower. Ed Contreras contributes some excellent percussion work to the festivities.