Night Sky

near and far

Four Directions



New Traditions

near and far

Released: April 1, 2013

1. Trail Ridge Variations
2. Brazilian Banjo Rag
3. Oklahoma (carry all my tears away)
4. Banjo Duende
5. Angeology
6. White Men At Eagle Pass
7. Stuart & The Blue Goose
8. Dark Day
9. Recapturing Trail Ridge
10. Mill Valley
11. A Cup of the Blues
12. Artie
13. Too Much Rain
14. Take This Letter
15. Sami and Dave
16. About the Music




"Dick Weissman is one of a kind"
- Southeast Portland Examiner, March 3, 2013

"Dick Weissman has a unique musicals sensibility and it comes through quite nicely (especially his musical range) on the CD.
- Donald Nitchie, Editor The Banjo Newsletter, March 2013



This collection of music, is largely instrumental with three songs, and one scat-singing vocal by Mollie O'Brien. Mollie also sings "Oklahoma (carry all my tears away)." That song has a full rhythm section, with piano, bass, drums, harmonica, electric and acoustic and 12 string guitars.

There are three instrumentals that include banjo or guitar with oboe, English horn, and oboe d'amore (an alto oboe.) Mirch Imori plays the oboe-related instruments. Noah Peterson makes a return appearance on soprano saxophone on "Too Much Rain," and "White Men At Eagle Pass." There are several guitar pieces, one dedicated to Scott McKenzie, and another for Artie Traum. These are intricate instrumentals in odd tunings.

The banjo tunes vary from flamenco-flavor to a boss nova tune with a ragtime chord progression, and a scat vocal by Mollie O'Brien. Dick sings a couple of songs, one with Harry Tuft and Mollie O'Brien, and there's an improvised 12 string guitar piece. The last track tells the story behind each tune.